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Quick Grow Smart Mini Greenhouse

Quick Grow Smart Mini Greenhouse is a product of smart integration of intelligent control system and indoor planting garden. It will provide your beloved plants with the light and nutrients they need, wherever the grower is.This product allows growers to harvest six of their own plants throughout the year.



  • Model: CX-0004
  • Dimension: 10*19*44cm
  • Input Voltage: 220V
  • Rated Power: 14W
  • Number of beads: 18pcs
  • Case material:plastic
  • Weight:2.3kg
  • Colour: White/Black


  • Host machine ×1
  • Planter panel ×1
  • Water pump ×1
  • Hole cover ×3
  • Seedling cover ×6
  • Planting basket ×6
  • Planting block ×6
  • Sticker ×6
  • Adaptor ×1
  • Tweezers ×1


Sunlight Bionic Light Panel
The full-spectrum light not only enhances growing results and improves the taste of vegetables. The UV-free design also promotes photosynthesis and prevents the plants from overstepping.

Equipped with an intelligent circulation pump
The Quick Grow Smart Mini Greenhouse is equipped with an intelligent pump that starts and stops every thirty minutes to provide sufficient oxygen to the plant roots.

Seedling mode+General fill light mode
Seedling mode: Click the seedling button, and the red and white light of the light board is slightly and constantly on, while the blue light bead is not on.
General fill light mode: With a click of the fill light button, the bead is fully illuminated and the fill light time can be selected by clicking the button for 8/16/23 hours.

Thoughtful accessory design
A special water filler for the grower’s plants allows the water to be added by simply slitting the filler, without having to open and close the machine panel frequently. The hole cover is also designed to cover the seedling holes to prevent insect damage and green algae growth.