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Adjustable Hang Rope

The adjustable nylon lanyard, with the advantage of easy hanging, helps the plant lamp to be at the right height to give the plant optimum light conditions. The product has good material performance and is easy to use.




  • Material: Nylon rope with hook
  • Product size: 2 meters
  • Number: 2 pcs/set


Nylon and stainless steel material, strong and durable. Built-in pulley, fully adjustable and fixed length, can be hung according to the need of your lamp position, but also to meet the needs of plants in the process of growth to different light, give plants the required light conditions, so that plants grow taller and stronger; fixed to the required height can be locked to prevent the rope from sliding without knowing the situation, safe and reliable, very suitable for hanging plant lights or other equipment.

Method of securing rope frame
If you want to plant a tent with fixed ropes hanging lamp, we suggest that you will be with a free end buckle rope fixed to grow relative on the ceiling of the frame, and install the rope to the fixed equipment, so that when you use the tent frame it will not cause too much pressure or impact, and can adjust the rope more easily.



Without light, Single light, Double light