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Our Top 1 Picks for Best Mini Garden

At the start of 2023, we take stock of the best selling flagship product of last year - the Indoor Horticulture Mini Stand. Energy efficient: Save up to 70% on your electricity bill with high efficiency, high output LEDs that last longer,...

6 Things To Avoid In Hydroponics

Most of the green plants can be turned from soil care to water care, for those who do not know how to water plants, hydroponic plants can improve the plant rotten condition, but hydroponic plants should also pay attention to...

How to Plant Tomatoes for Beginners?

Tomatoes are a warm and cold-loving crop, so temperature is critical when germinating – keep the temperature at 20°C and above, and you need lots of moisture.   Keep out of the light, wrap them in a clean wet towel and keep...

How to Install and Clean Led Plant Lights?

there are still many places that deserve our high attention in order to extend the service life of LED plant lights and to ensure their use.

Ningbo Haider Technology Center Award

Ningbo Haider Technology Centre was awarded as Ningbo Jiangbei District Enterprise Engineering Technology Centre in 2022.

Haider Shenshi Tea Tasting Activity

On the afternoon of 31 August 2021, Ningbo Haider held “Shenshi Tea” tasting activities.