Most of the green plants can be turned from soil care to water care, for those who do not know how to water plants, hydroponic plants can improve the plant rotten condition, but hydroponic plants should also pay attention to some common problems, otherwise it is easy to cause leaf yellow and root rot, take a look at how to keep good hydroponic plants.

1. Maintenance temperature

The environment of hydroponic plants should be kept warm and slightly moist all year round, with temperatures between 10 and 25 degrees being optimal, and at least 5 degrees. After the temperature is above 30 degrees, the plant should be placed in a cool place to avoid excessive temperatures, and if necessary, water can be sprinkled around to cool it down.

2. Conservation environment

It is not advisable to give too much light to hydroponic plants. The light will easily cause green algae to grow on the container or on the roots of the plant, and when the green algae wraps around the roots or the container, it will affect the breathing of the plant’s roots, which will easily cause rotten roots, and the green algae will give off a foul smell after decaying. It is best to keep in a ventilated and brightly lit environment, avoiding too much shade and giving some light in winter when the sun is not strong.

3. How do I use the correct nutrient solution?

To maintain hydroponic plants, you need to buy some special hydroponic nutrient solution. You should not use nutrient solution for plants that have just started to grow hydroponically, but wait until the roots of the plants have grown well before replenishing them.

The nutrient solution is usually diluted 400 or 1000 times and the concentration should not be too high. Generally a 500ml container with 4-5 drops of nutrient solution is sufficient.

4. Change the water of your hydroponics plants

Whenever you find that the water in your hydroponics plants is a bit cloudy, you should change the water in time, otherwise it will easily cause the water quality to deteriorate and produce bacteria. When the water in the container is dry, add water to it.

Do not soak the plant all in water, as this can easily lead to rotten roots and death. It is best to put the roots of the plant half in the water, as this will greatly increase the oxygen supply to the roots and can effectively reduce root rot.

5. Attention to the environment of cultivation

Plants grown in water do not need to be watered, just add fresh water when the water level drops. When the indoor air is particularly dry in winter, you can often spray water around to increase the humidity.


6. Treatment of rotten roots

When changing the water, pay attention to any dead branches or rotten roots, cut it off and be careful not to hurt the aquatic roots, otherwise it will affect the growth of the plant.

After finding rotten roots in hydroponic plants, make sure to remove all rotten parts, including the roots and stems, to prevent mutual infection, then put the hydroponic plants into a 0.5% potassium permanganate solution for sterilisation, then rinse with water.